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guide, driver in Kyrgyzstan, tourism, travel, excursions, hiking in mountains

Hello! My name is Daniel. I was born in Kyrgyzstan. I know my country and its history very well. In 2005 I finished university, faculty of linguistics French and English languages. In a field of tourism activity I work for about last 15 years. I co-operate with many tourist companies in Kyrgyzstan and I also do the tours and excursions by myself. I would show you the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. I will tell you about our culture, traditions and legends. I will meet you with Kyrgyz cuisine. I can advise and plan your tours or excursions according to your desire. I offer you services of guide and driver by 4 wheel drive car. Prices and other details you can get by a phone or sending me an e-mail or WhatsApp.

Tel: +996 550 50 59 77, WhatsApp: +996 550 50 59 77, senior-danil.romanow@yandex.ru
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